Frequently Asked Questions


At the beginning of the itineraries we will give you a fold-out brochure that contains a summary of the historical context in which the adventure takes place as well as a map and a list of the organizations and stores rooted in the neighborhoods that we want to share with you.

Our experiences include beverages and food. We propose customizable experiences and depending on the amount of food you hire, it will be more or less meals. Likewise, the price of the experience will also vary. Apart from what we included during the experience, you are free to ask for more food or drink on your own. We also encourage you to stop during the tour and buy in the stores that we find.

Les nostres experiències inclouen beguda i menjar. Proposem experiències personalitzables i en funció de la quantitat de gastronomia que contracteu, aquesta serà més o menys nombrosa. Igualment, el preu de l’experiència també variarà.  A banda del que nosaltres incloem durant la ruta, sou lliures de demanar més menjar o beguda a compte propi. També us animem a aturar-vos durant el recorregut i comprar en les botigues que anem trobant.

In most restaurants you can find vegetarian options but we can not guarantee a 100% vegetarian / vegan gastronomic experience.

Each group is unique and has different expectations and tastes. That’s why our experiences are customizable. As in a recipe, the key is in the proportion of the ingredients. We encourage you to adapt the degree of historical information, interactivity (we call it gamification), the fun facts about the streets and buildings and the amount of food and drink that you want to incorporate into your experience. In the purchase menu you will find an interactive where you will determine the proportion of these four elements.

Our experiences do not require special preparation. A bottle of water, comfortable shoes and wanting to have fun is all you need.

In the menu of each experience you can see the details of the itinerary (place and time of beginning as well as the end of the route). We recommend arriving five minutes before the start at the specified place and you will find us with a shirt with the name and the logo of La Bullanga. In case of problems with traffic or if you have difficulties to locate the meeting point do not hesitate to call or send us a message to the phone number that we will provide you in the purchase process.

Of course you can. In the purchase process you only have to specify that the reservation is for a gift, specifying the contact details of the relative or friend you want to surprise. We take care of the rest.

We can not predict exactly how long the experience will last, so the time it appears on the web is only illustrative. Think that it is a type of interactive activity where you are having a leading role, so the final time of the experience will depend on your decisions, the right ones and the “not so correct.” We recommend you to be carried along by the story and not worry about time, but if you’re a VIP with tight schedules, no problem, you can tell us and we will make the effort to adapt the experience to your needs 😉

The Users

Our experiences are suitable for all ages and audiences although we recommend a minimum age of 12 to be able to participate and fully enjoy the interactive experience.

In the course of our experiences there are no physical and architectural elements that imply a handicap for people with reduced mobility but the duration and dynamics of participation can be modified.

The booking

Take a look at our experiences and choose the one you like best. In the calendar you can choose the day and the time that suits you best. Adapt the experience to your preferences by personalizing the amount of history, interactivity (gamification), fun facts and gastronomy. If you have any questions contact us in the contact mailbox below and we will respond as soon as possible.

The only method of payment is by credit card.

We recommend that you read the document of Terms of Service and Cancellations. If you cancel the experience up to 15 days before, we will refund 100% of the payment. Up to a week before 50% and less than three days in advance there will be no refund.

Barcelona is not Copenhagen but sometimes it also rains. In case of heavy rain the experience will be cancelled (we will notify you beforehand and we will propose a new date, if it is not possible, we will refund the amount). If there is a threat of rain or little rain, the experience will take place. In case you have to cancel once you start with a force majeure, we will also be placing you to try another day.

Special offers and discounts

When you reach the summary of your purchase, click on “Apply promotional code or gift voucher”. Only one coupon can be used per purchase.

Sometimes when you try to redeem a special offer code, a message appears that tells us that the system does not recognize the code or that the code has already expired. In case it has expired, you will not be able to use it again. On the contrary, if the system does not recognize the special offer code, you can follow these steps to locate the problem. Make sure you are using the code correctly. Read the terms and conditions that appear on the coupon. Make sure that the special offer code can be applied to all products added to the basket (special offer codes sometimes do not include all products). If the problem does not correspond to any of the previous cases, be sure to enter the special offer code as it appears. It is easy to make mistakes when entering the code manually. These are some common mistakes:

– Additional spaces, errors with the symbols or errors when writing the letters.

– The field where the promotional code is entered is case-sensitive. Check that the “Caps Lock” key is not activated and use the capital letters where applicable.

– Check that you are not confusing the numbers 0/1 with the letters O / I.

If you have the certainty that the special offer code is valid for your order and it still does not work, contact us.

Sometimes our promotions are directed exclusively to selected products. Read carefully the specific terms and conditions of the promotional coupon to know if you can use it in your order. If you have the certainty that the promotional code is valid for your order and still does not apply the discount you should, contact us.

Social return

Our objective is to promote the historical and cultural heritage of the city in a respectful way with the environment and the people who live and work in the neighborhoods. Our groups are small: we set a maximum of eight people, we do not use microphones or elements that distort the peace and the natural dynamics of the neighborhoods where our activity is carried out. In addition, we want you to become a part of the promotion of local and proximity shops and the associations that work every day on the streets and squares of the city and that guarantee their authenticity.

The shops and associations that we recommend are examples of proximity businesses with a long history and involvement in the life of the neighborhood. We encourage you to visit them, buy them and dedicate your time to some of the initiatives and activities they propose. Consuming in a conscious and responsible way is a good way to contribute to a more social and sustainable economy!