Shops and organizations recommended of the neighbourhood

Getting to know the social fabric of a city is a great way to become familiar with its heritage and history. Here you can find a brief sample of organizations, associations and proximity shops that infuse life in the streets and squares where our experiences take place. Whatever you’re looking for, we’re sure you’ll find it: organizations where you can spend your free time helping people or learning new skills; historic shops that witness the artisan tradition of Barcelona; workshops where the local artists craft their products and designs ethically and sustainably… The neighborhoods bustle with activity if you know where to look at. We recommend you to take advantage of this list and visit the places!

Asociación Lápiz

Asociación Lápiz

C/ Blanqueria, 9

Non-profit organization dedicated to promote social cohesion in the neighborhood, through artistic and creative activities. Apart from workshops and courses, their facilities host interesting exhibitions with the work done.


Barreteria Obach

C/ del Call, 2

Emblematic shop founded in 1924 by the Obach family, who still is running the business. They offer a great variety of first-class hats and caps. Moreover, the building is considered Local Cultural Heritage due to its unique store windows and genuine interiors.



C/ Baixada de la Llibreteria, 8 i C/ Carders, 13

Shop where you’ll find leather shoes and accessories, handcrafted by local producers from Brazil, according to the principles of the fair trade. 

Cafe Just

Cafè Just

C/ Sots-tinent Navarro, 18

Food solidarity shop managed by Fundació Futur. They offer affordable ready meals with the goal of guaranteeing the access to a healthy food for everybody. The dishes are made with eco and proximity products. Also manage an open space that acts as a soup kitchen.

Casa Gispert

Casa Gispert

C/ Sombrerers, 23

Historic grocery shop, specialized in roasted nuts. We can find a wide variety of other kinds of high quality eco and local products suitable for all audiences: candies, chocolates, dry fruits, coffees, pickles, etc. Their interior keeps the authenticity and the historic aroma back to 1851, when the shop opened and became the first shop that roasted nuts and coffee in the city.

cereria subira

Cereria Subirà

C/ Baixada de la llibreteria, 7

Founded in 1761, Cereria Subirà holds the honor of being the oldest business in Barcelona. Dedicated since the beginning to the wax industry, there we’ll find all imaginable types of handmade candles as well as decorative items. The shop keeps the nineteenth-century style and is dominated by an imposing staircase flanked by two singular statues, known as les negresses.



C/ Gignàs, 22

Children clothing shop and workshop oriented to 0-6-year-old kids. All designs are handmade and stand out because of their originality and energy. Textile recycling, serigraphy, knitting and crochet are some of the techniques used by them to create clothes that want to distinguish from the standardization of the mainstream trademarks.

La Hamaca

La Hamaca

Pl. Sant Agustí Vell, 15

Small shop located close to Sant Agustí convent, that offers a broad spectrum of natural juices and also eco and proximity vegetables and fruits. They have an area to stop and rest while we enjoy a freshly squeezed juice and the ambience of the nearby square.

La Manual Alpargatera

La Manual Alpargatera

C/ Avinyó, 7

Manual alpargatera is more than an emblematic espardenyes shoe shop. They are, in fact, the last workshop in Barcelona. Pioneers in the 40s with the first designs of espardenyes à la mode, they shook up concept of the iconic Catalan footwear. Since then, innovation and quality have been part of their philosophy and today they still offer the widest variety of handcrafted espardenyes you can imagine.


Miriam Ponsa

C/ Princesa, 14

Fashion store owned by the designer Miriam Ponsa where you can find 100% locally and handcrafted designer clothes. Miriam’s team is very participative in the inclusion of guidelines about proximity, sustainability and social responsibility in the fashion culture. The basis of the project are explained in a Manifesto you can find in their website.


Ozz Barcelona

C/ Banys Vells, 8

More than a shop, the idea of the Ozz project Barcelona is to boost a creative community. Ozz is managed by different emerging artists and local designers and brings together art, culture and fashion. In the shop we can find some of their creations made according to the sustainability, proximity and fair-trade principles. Also, Ozz is a co-working space and exhibitions center, among other uses.



C/ Banys Vells, 14

Founded by two creators and leather artisans, Rossymina is a shop and workshop located in the heart of the Born, where we can find a great assortment of leather objects handmade and hand painted including bags, belts or earrings.