Find Justice in Roman Barcino

from 35€/person
3-4 Hours Customizable 8 people max.

Get inside the gates

The investigation of an alleged plot of corruption will show you the darkest side of Roman world. In this adventure, you'll walk the streets of old Barcino, looking for clues and deciding which leads you must follow in order to solve the case. But be careful, your choices will determine the success of the fail of your mission. Will you be able to unlock the mysteries behind the the wall, a construction that will mark the destiny of the city?


Our experiences are based in a participative and playful methodology. You'll be the lead characters in a fiction history in which you'll have to overcome some challenges and make decisions as a team that will affect your itinerary and the ending of the adventure.


We want to share our passion about Barcelona history and culture in a way that doesn't compromise the survival and quality of life of those who live and work in the city. We propose a more sustainable way to promote the heritage of the city, rooted in the environment and with a positive social impact.


Every group is different so we want you to customize 100% your experience. Select the amount of history, fun facts, gamification and food you like in the customization chart you'll find when you proceed with the booking.

Experience vs Guided Tour

We don't do tours or guided visits. We believe in the importance of the closeness, the personal touch and caring about the environment. That's why we propose you to immerse yourselves in the experience, being part of the adventure through streets and squares full of history.

Does this look like fun?

Pricing Chart

1 Person
Weekly slot for group made of single people
  • Food Provided
  • non-Customizable
  • Closed Schedule
  • Suitable for all Audiences
4-8 People
closed group
from 35€/person
  • Food Provided
  • Customizable
  • Suitable for all Audiences
2-3 People
closed group
from 55€/person
  • Extra-small Groups
  • Food included
  • Customizable
  • Suitable for all Audiences

Trip Itinerary

In this adventure we'll discover the spectacular legacy of the roman Barcelona.

11:00 AM / 5:00 PM - Plaça de la Vila de Madrid
We start the adventure in Vila de Madrid square. You’ll find us by the fountain, wearing our La Bullanga shirt.
12:30 AM / 6:30 PM - Regomir Street
Before facing the last part of our history we’ll make a well deserved break and will share a snack.
2:30 PM / 8:30 PM- Plaça Sant Jaume
Around Sant Jaume square, we will say goodbye celebrating your success… or asking what went wrong.

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Choose the date you would like to book your Experience. Once you have chosen a date you can either choose a morning or afternoon experience. If the tour is not available it means it is booked. In the later case you can try to book a different experience type for the desired time.​ If you have a special request or other doubts and questions don't hesitate to contact us.

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"I recently went on the Medieval tour with a few friends. All of us were impressed at just how good the experience was. One of my friends had lived in Barcelona for a few years, so she was particularly pleased to discover some surprising new places, as well as noticing, for the first time, obscure details on the city walls that give hints of the city’s history".
Tess Curnow
“It was lovely to participate with my brother-in-law Joaquim and his wife Renee, in a sustainable tourist venture; the groups are small, the tour is personalised, and the guides work closely with local businesses to ensure community support – very important in a city where mass tourism is having a detrimental impact.”
Llorenç Dalmau

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