Eco & Social

The Social and Solidarity-based economy is an economy approach that is based on putting the needs of people at the center of the activity. Following this idea, the goal of the activity is not the profit per se, but to ensure that its management and its impact are beneficial, both for the society and for those who take part in it. The projects and initiatives that are attached to this form of economy are increasing in number year after year. In Catalonia, the Social and Solidarity-based Economy has not stopped growing recently, expanding the principles of democratic management, sustainability and social transformation. 

Thanks to this growth, there are now several options for social and solidarity economy in almost any area (food, supplies, mobility, insurance, leisure, etc.). Summarizing them all in this space would be impossible, so below we propose only some of the many initiatives that exist at the moment. These are those with which we collaborate directly from our cooperative, as users, partners or friends. The path of the Social Economy and Solidarity is a road yet to be built, but it grows steadily step by step as more people walk in it. That’s why we encourage you to take your step and go for these initiatives in your daily life!


Coop de mà / Talaia

Related projects dedicated to offer a comprehensive service as a consultancy and tax/administrative agency to organizations, Co-ops and Social Economy friendly businesses. Their headquarters is located in Bellvitge neighborhood in l'Hospitalet de Llobregat.

Arç cooperativa

Insurance company with 25 years of experience especialized in Social and Solidarity-based economy as well as the associative world and renewable energies.


Graphic design Co-Op with more than a three decades of experience. Offers online printing services (offset and digital) with a comprehensive service conception and special care about environment protection.